An analysis of heart disease

In women after five years post onset, 4. Black-white mortality rate ratios with CIs that include 1 represent approximately equal rates of heart disease deaths among blacks and whites. Keywords Malfunctioning, Dysfunction of heart, Atherosclerosis, Cardiologist.

Framingham validated the MI risk factors [ 8 ] that have consequently been exposed to be universal through the world [ 9 ]. Differences in heart disease mortality decreases by race have not been well documented at the state level, although several studies have documented spatiotemporal trends in heart disease mortality by race at the county level 6,8, Trends were modeled using a log linear model, and the modified Bayesian information criterion 19 was used to detect statistically significant changes in trends.

Biol Med Case Rep. Consequently, afterheart disease death rates were consistently higher among blacks than whites.

The possibility of CVD is more with diabetes than without it. Computer aided system can overcome the problems and detect abnormalities in the early stage.

Heart Disease Death Rates Among Blacks and Whites Aged ≥35 Years — United States, 1968–2015

This leveling might result from possible slowed progression in the favorable trends of heart disease prevention or treatment along with increases in the prevalence of certain risk factors e. MI is the main health problem throughout world. Continued surveillance of temporal trends in heart disease death rates by race can provide valuable information to policy makers and public health practitioners working to reduce heart disease death rates both for blacks and whites and disparities between blacks and whites.

The cause of disability and death in women is high after menopause. During the study period, both blacks and whites experienced substantial decreases in heart disease death rates, from 1, Gender Men are generally at greater risk of heart disease. NAM has called for surveillance systems that can measure disparities in heart disease by race and by contextual factors such as place of residence 4.

The majority of states had increases in black-white mortality ratios from to Asymptomatic chest pain occurs at any time even at rest.

Ischemic heart disease has several symptoms. The level of HD risk for Asian Indian is more than 35 years for male and 45 for females. Various surveys indicated that ischemic heart disease is the major health problem in India. Revisions of the ICD with changes in coding rules can cause temporal discontinuities in cause-of-death trends.

Results Heart Disease Death Rates by Race Heart disease death rates were similar for blacks and whites at the beginning of the study period. Most of the other cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart diseases are caused by the progression of atherosclerosis [ 3 ].But heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S.

It is also a major cause of disability. There are many different forms of heart disease. The most common cause of heart disease is narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart itself. Analysis of myocardial infarction risk factors in heart disease data set, Chitra R, Chenthil Jegan TM, Ezhilarasu R.

Heart disease deaths were defined as those with an underlying cause of death in the ICD category of diseases of the heart (e.g., coronary heart disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and myocardial infarction) because this category has been the most inclusive and has had the most consistent definition of heart disease over time.

Heart Diseases

An Analysis of Heart Disease Prediction using Different Data Mining Techniques Nidhi Bhatla Kiran Jyoti GNDEC, Ludhiana, India GNDEC, Ludhiana, India ABSTRACT Heart disease is a term that assigns to a large number of medical conditions related to heart.

ISSN (Print): –Volume-2, Issue-2, 5 Predicting the Analysis of Heart Disease Symptoms Using Medicinal Data Mining Methods.

Srinivas K, Raghavendra Rao R, Govardhan A, “Analysis of Coronary Heart Disease and Prediction of Heart Attack in Coal Mining Regions Using Data Mining Techniques”, The 5th International Conference on Computer Science & Education Hefei,China.

An analysis of heart disease
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