An analysis of the pinballs a novel by betsy byars

Eventually he confesses that his father accidentally ran over his legs with his car even though he originally told everyone he was a quarterback and his legs were broken playing football.

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They wanted to get him a white because they wanted to name the dog Snowball but they all had spots. So Carly and Thomas J. Thomas J was like a friend of mine because they are always honest with everyone and always say what they feel.

I like her because she was kind of like me. His dad ran over his legs,and now hes an acoholic. It ends with them realizing that they are no longer pin-balls, because they have found one with each other.

My reaction to the end of the novel was that I thought Carlie made a good statement she said "as long as we are trying, we are not pinballs. The Masons have been foster parents for 17 kids already. And i I feel relly bad for Harvey.

I recently reread this, and it made me cry. Carlie is very rough around the edges and despite the violence in her home, she still believes that she will be back at home in a matter of weeks.

The story begins with three foster children who are sent to live with the Masons, a married couple who cannot have children on their own.

But when they told Havey thats it was his dog he got really really excited. They meant to take him into the city to child services, but in their old age, they just never got around to it. Although they all come from different backgrounds, with the help of the Masons, the children learn that being a family means standing by each other in hard times and standing up for one another.

He was told by the twins that he simply wandered into their yard when he was about one year old. Carlie at first feels neglected. This essay is about the book titled The Pinballs by Betsy Byars.

But he couldnt get up to play with the dog because his legs were infected! He gets help from Mr. I like this scene because that is where everyone first met and when they found out about each other.

It teaches themes like friendship, forgiveness, and of course family. The twins are now both in the hospital. For Jefferson go to live at a foster home with Mr. My edition from the eighties has a much better cover. Carlie makes the decision to take her fate in her own hands, and stop being a defenseless pinball.

Harvey has a habit of making lists of the things that bother him. She thinks about running away, but slowly changes her mind. I also like Harvey because even though Carlie was always mean to him and made fun of him, he would still be nice to her.

Thomas J finds himself with the Mason family when the year-old twins who have been raising him both fall and break their hips on the same day at the exact same time. Harvey, who has two broken legs and Thomas J.

The Pinballs

He said yes because everyone needs a birthday there birthday will be on April. It shows how the kids go from feeling like "pinballs" with no control of their fates, to exerting some agency and asserting themselves.

All three children start to take control of their lives.Immediately download the The Pinballs Betsy Byars summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching The Pinballs Betsy Byars.

This book will be an integral part of the fifth grade curriculum for first quarter; therefore, students will be held accountable for reading the book and completing the summer packet.

The Pinballs Betsy Byars Essay | Essay

The Pinballs Betsy Byars Summary: This essay is about the book titled The Pinballs by Betsy deals with the topics of foster care and how the foster children refer to themselves as pinballs bouncing from one home to another. Buy a cheap copy of The Pinballs book by Betsy Byars.

Carly, Thomas J., and Harvey are unwanted kids who have all had hard knocks until they find themselves in the same foster home. One battered, one run over by a car, Free shipping over $/5(5).

The Pinballs is a young adult novel by American author Betsy Byars. The story is about three foster children, Carlie, Harvey and Thomas J., who have been taken in by the Masons, a couple who have cared for many other foster children in the past and also have some personal Young adult fiction.

From Newbery-winning author Betsy Byars comes a story full of "poignancy, perception, and humor" (The Chicago Tribune), about three foster kids who learn what it takes to make a family. You can't always decide where life will take you—especially when you're a .

An analysis of the pinballs a novel by betsy byars
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