An overview of key terms used to describe tornado threats

Richard Feynman had a tremendous advantage over most of us, and it was not in his genes but in his father! Of course, we ask the team to "draw pictures" of the system in architecture consulting work, but what I learned then was also to think about a picture of the social system.

We have opinions about the future. And Apple at grand scale is the next thing. This is the longest I have ever lived in one place. We could all go to the moon. I think we underestimate our ability to impact another person, to make their life different with just a moment of kindness, a thoughtful word of insight or encouragement.

More importantly, Microsoft gets a team, ably lead by the exceptional Tony Bates, that can compete with anyone.

It is a powerful medium to make life joyful and meaningful. Leader as social architectGeorge Ambler, March 24, Influencing the future with what we do. Because in this case, it is as yet an imaginary wall. I think Microsoft can do it; they have the pieces and they have the genies.

Well, in building architecture Greg Lynn has made it a field of study, I gather. Technology is riding us at a galumphing rate right into the future! This book should be required reading for architects charged with system concept design: Folk musicians like Carrie Newcomer and Woody Guthrie and others in the folk lineage want to change the world, and do.

It reminds me -- inGerrit Muller creator of the awesome Gaudii site and his wife visited us, and she talked about using pictures in therapy sessions in just the way Grady described.

We may not need to do this all the time, or even necessarily often. A mind open to joy and beauty and appreciating all that is good and wonderful. And I think we have some serious ethical challenges ahead. The recourse of visual advocatesperhaps. Skype actually does get a fair bit of revenue," said Mr Gates.

A change in perspective, or point of view, is "worth 80 IQ points" Alan Kay, Our visual faculties are very good at finding and creating patterns, catching inconsistencies or gaps, etc.

It is infectious and flows like magnetism. Skype is its own kind of good.

And next -- iWall? Can a behemoth like Microsoft, with all its disjunction, come up with a conjunctive vision that pulls all these, and more, pieces together? Alan Kay said the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

You know, bat pings into the silence that serve as a reality check on the value of the contribution.

Because possibility has to be built. By acquiring Skype, Microsoft becomes a much stronger player in mobile and the clear market leader in Internet voice and video communications. Sometimes a shift in perspective helps us see how to reframe the problem so we come up with a more simple solution, or see how our assumptions are themselves flawed.

And we start to build, and we imagine more in response to what we find out. If they can get their act together. Moreover, we can explore options quickly.

Where 3D printing is at already is phenomenal!

Or initiative taking, industry reshaping visionary actions. I do think, though, that the following reflects on an unfortunate mis conception that runs deep in our field: And I have no idea whether they have any such notion.

To invent and build it, we imagine some part of it. Anyway, it illustrates the point that Alan Kay is making there about changing the context. If you want an iPod, you want downloadable music, so iTunes But not yet built.May 5/1/11 What's This?The Open Brain Project?

This journal contains notes I take as I explore what it takes to be a great software, systems and enterprise architect. S13 E11 You Can't Handle the Tooth Dr.

Michele hits the road - feisty bulls need wrangling, a reluctant horse needs dental work, and a .

An overview of key terms used to describe tornado threats
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