Business law question papers bcom

Income from business Rs. Satish a Medical Practitioner. Anna university sample question paper for first semester pdf file?

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Municipal Rental Value Rs. Every country has its own regulations, laws and regulatory bodies or agencies governing the manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of products within the country.

These are used as reference when putting up businesses whether big or small - from sole proprietorship to corporation. Discuss Various Types and Canons of Taxation?. How is price and output determined under monopoly?.

Compute income from other sources: Importance of Business Law? House construction loan repaid Rs.

What is the importance of studying business law to a business student?

Withoutlaw, businesses would take advantage of customers. Why is law important in business? Allowable depreciation on all assets Rs.

Income tax actually paid Ra. Also discuss the impact of Zakat. Explain the Marginal Productivity Theory with its Criticism?. Secession - Land revenue - 3, Municipal value 55, 65, This involves collective bargaining regulation, and the right to strike.

Rent-free accommodation at Warangal for which the employer pays a rent of Rs. There is not any online source for the qustion papers.Question Papers May Advanced Financial Accounting.

Banking Law and Operations. English. Hindi. Kannada. Malayalam. Calicut University BCom Previous Question Papers All Subjects; Calicut University BCom Previous Question Papers All Subjects. SEMESTER 1 SUBJECTS. SEMESTER 2: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING. SEMESTER 3 SUBJECTS. SEMESTER 3: BASIC NUMERICAL SKILLS OR BUSINESS STATISTICS.

SEMESTER 3: BUSINESS REGULATORY FRAMEWORK OR BUSINESS LAW. Business Law Share this on: Contract Act: Contract vs. Agreement, Element of valid contract, Offer and Acceptance Rules regarding revocation of offer and acceptance, Standard form contract a new innovation to suit the needs, Consideration Essential elements.

The materials and information provided on this website are for reference purposes only. Click Here for complete Disclaimer. Jan 29,  · Discuss the law relating to the rights and liabilities of joint promisors in a contract. Attached Files. Kerala university Bcom 2nd year business statistics ( KB, views) Kerala university Bcom 2nd year commercial law ( KB, views I want the last 10 Years Question Papers of 2nd Year Group 2.

Syllabus and Scheme of Examination For (Hons.) (Structure Approved by Faculty of Commerce and Business on 26th June,) Paper No. Course Structure The objective of the course is to impart basic knowledge of the important business laws along with relevant case law.

Unit I: The Indian Contract Act, 22 Lectures.

Business law question papers bcom
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