Compare photosynthesis and cellular respiration essay

They both consume and create the same substances water, glucose, oxygen, and carbon dioxide but in different ways. Therefore, cellular respiration and photosynthesis are similar yet different in many ways. Oxygen required to complete reaction no Oxygen serves as the final electron acceptor in cellular respiration.

Requires the energy of sunlight to initiate yes no Energy from light is used to excite electrons from chloroplasts allowing the start of the flow of electrons in the electron transport chain. NTP is made by the relocation of electrons. Autotrophic organisms undergo this process yes yes More particularly photosynthetic autotrophs are capable of producing organic substances with the use of light energy.

Cellular respiration, on the other hand, is the process by which living things convert oxygen and glucose to carbon dioxide and water, thereby yielding energy. During glycolysis a net gain of 2 ATP is formed. Heterotrophic organisms undergo this process no yes Heterotrophic organisms are incapable of producing their own energy source and have to rely to other organisms to obtain glucose necessary for cellular respiration to generate and store energy.

The immense popularity and the large fan following that this device enjoys has made it a significant invention of the 21st century. Plants perform both photosynthesis and respiration, while animals can only perform respiration.

Represents an endergonic reaction yes no Photosynthesis requires an external source of light energy to complete the process whereas cellular respiration does not need an external source of energy.

They are also necessary to the energy exchange that living things need to survive. Produces ATP energy from chemical energy in food no yes The main function of cellular respiration is to generate and store energy in the form of ATP. Most cellular calls still end up utilizing the fixed wires that have been installed worldwide.

In parallel with the search to uncover the factors that control ageing is the endeavor to discover methods The end result of the process is the carbon dioxide and water that are released as byproducts of the process. Oxygen is required for this energy-releasing process to occur. A majority of the population around the world is powered with a cellular phone that has completed our lives.

Cellular respiration is the metabolic process in which food is broken down to form stored energy in the form of ATP.

Cellular Respiration vs. Photosynthesis

Produces molecules of oxygen yes no The electrons that chloroplasts lost during the first stage of photosynthesis are recovered through a process called photolysis which requires water molecules and produces oxygen molecules.

Electrons transferred through the ETC create a concentration gradient. Cellular respiration is the process that cells use to break down glucose; this releases energy that is used to produce ATP.

While photosynthesis requires energy and produces food, cellular respiration breaks down food and releases energy.

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts of cells.

Photosynthesis vs. Cellular respiration

This process is what gives energy to all living organisms either directly or indirectly. Glucose or other food molecules required to initiate no yes The first stage of cellular respiration, called glycolysis, involves the breaking of the six-carbon glucose molecule into two three-carbon pyruvic acid.

Cellular respiration is the process by which electrons are transferred between glucose to coenzymes and then to oxygen. Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants create their own food by turning light energy into chemical energy.

Photosythesis is the process in which light energy is converted into chemical energy to produce glucose. The next process is called the carbon fixation.

Cellular Photosynthesis and Respiration Essay Sample

Produces molecules of glucose yes no Carbon fixation occurs during the dark reaction stage of photosynthesis which produces three-carbon sugars which are then converted into carbohydrates including glucose.

Carbon dioxide is reduced to form two 3-carbon sugar phosphate molecules which turns into our glucose at the end of photosynthesis.

Requires water molecules to initiate yes Water molecules are necessary to replace the lost electron during the first stage of photosynthesis. In glycolysis glucose is broken down in a ten step process into 2 3-carbon pyruvate molecules.

Photosynthesis is a two part process which includes photophosphorylation light reactions and carbon fixation dark reactions.

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Essay Sample

Cellular respiration Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are complementary processes by which living things obtain needed substances. They are also different in the fact that photosynthesis creates glucose and releases oxygen into the atmosphere while cellular respiration creates energy and releases carbon dioxide and water into the atmosphere.

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Cellular respiration Photosynthesis vs. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It does not require the presence of sunlight and is always occurring in living organisms.Cellular Photosynthesis and Respiration Essay Sample Photosythesis and Cellular Respiration are both processes in Biology which transform energy in one form to another.

Photosythesis is the process in which light energy is converted into chemical energy to produce glucose. Possible Photosynthesis & Respiration Essay Questions CollegeNow Biology Exam 1. Aerobic multi-cellular organisms need oxygen in order to live.

Comparing Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Essay

Definitions of photosynthesis and respiration. Photosynthesis is a process in photoautotrophs that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds in the presence of sunlight. Respiration is the set of metabolic reactions that take in cells of living organisms that convert nutrients like sugar into ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) and waste products.

Compare Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Essay Both photosynthesis and cellular respiration are the main pathways of energy transportation in organisms.

However, the reactants and the products are exact opposites in photosynthesis and in cellular respiration. Cellular Respiration vs.

Photosynthesis Essays: OverCellular Respiration vs. Photosynthesis Essays, Cellular Respiration vs. Photosynthesis Term Papers, Cellular Respiration vs. Photosynthesis Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and. Comparing Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Compare photosynthesis and aerobic cellular respiration by completing the table and writing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the correct column.

Justify your responses in the ‘explanation row’ that follows each question - Comparing Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration introduction. The first item is completed for you.

Compare photosynthesis and cellular respiration essay
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