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Generoso Pharmaceutical Company Abstract: Lack of Qualified Chemists 2. GPC, thus, has a lot of rooms for expansion, In the meantime, the BFAD had temporarily stopped accepting product registrations and is not expected to entertain, such applications until after 5 years with the glut of brands per generic drug.

Government new policies and regulatory restrictions IV. The proposed project was to compound locally all products that it Generoso pharmaceutical inc manufacture and sell, importing only the active ingredients and bulk materials that it is unable to produce locally.

To know the advantages and disadvantages of implementation of the Generic Bill in Generoso Pharmaceuticals and Chemical, Inc. The proposed project would cost approximately P million. David has 15 years of experience in managing pharmaceutical firm.

The team set up shop at the Generoso residence in Tarlac. Strong financial condition 2. At present the company is now engaged in the importation and distribution of raw materialsas well as in raw material indenting.

GPC can borrow money from banks or other financial intermediaries, and they can hire Filipino chemist who is less expensive but still has the quality. During its incorporation in its P12, To be able to generate funds for the implementation of the project.

Still, he felt he had not exhausted the opportunities had to offer. BFAD temporarily stopped accepting product registration.

To add and adopt an administrative staff to help in formulating strategies for the growth of the GPC. GPC should not accept the project and stay small Advantages: Lack of Administrative Forces C.

Opening to emerged with new technologies 3. It will cost less and less risky for the company Disadvantages: The propped project would cost approximately P million. At present the company has a present value of P40, In the ase of Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Inc.

This characteristics of Rafael greatly motivates employees within the firm which was very apparent since no inter problems was noted within the firm. Reputation of good customer service 3.

Generoso Pharmaceuticals

It is a matter of who are going to be the key player and who will be around. Not even David, with his 15 years of experience, was qualified. What if the project failed? The team set up shop at the Generoso Residence in Tarlac. How will generate funds to continue with the project?

The Generics Bill spurred an overall feeling of uncertainty in the drugs industry. It will make the company stay in competition b.

Generoso Pharmaceutical Inc

The company was initially just engaged in selling but they soon ventured into manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical productscosmetics and veterinary products as right after their incorporation.

Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals can borrow money to the bank. Order now Together they serviced an estimated market of at least P5.Malijan, Mary Erjoy D.

GENEROSO PHARMACEUTICALS AND CHEMICALS, INC TIME CONTEXT and in – GPC engage in the contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for both the domestic and export markets and the Generics Bill came in.

SUMMARY / ABSTRACT This case examines the management of Mr. David Genereso in the GENERESO PHARMACEUTICALS AND CHEMICALS, INC. Generoso Pharmaceutical & Chemical Inc. (Case analysis) Submitted by: Risty D. Despillo The Facts of the Case Generoso Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals (GPC) was founded by Mr.

David Generoso together. Generoso Pharmaceutical Inc. - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Inc

Jan 13,  · The Generoso pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Inc. is an industry where selling the Medicine and Drugs etc. that owned by David with Elizabeth and Rafael. The problems of this industry are how to make compete to the other Pharmaceuticals industry, because those days there are many industries that sell the same product.

Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals, Inc. Background of the Study Mr. David Generoso was a philosophy graduate of a sectarian university in the Philippines.

A full scholar in of the same university, he gave up further studies on canon law after a year and decided to pursue more secular /5(3).

Management and Leadership: Generoso Pharmaceutical Company Abstract: This paper examines the management and leadership of David Generoso to Generoso Pharmaceutical Company in order to become productive and successful. This paper will discuss the following: First this paper will examine the roles and responsibilities of.

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Generoso pharmaceutical inc
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