How to write a band bio for a press kit

Before you even think about writing a bio, you have to have a firm grasp of your story and of what your music sounds like.

How To Make A Killer Press Kit

My company has four employees, and one is a dedicated editorial director. Those who want more from you will ask, and then you can send them the long bio. Basic Types Of Press Kits Traditional, physical press kit Electronic press kit EPK While you may be tempted to just use one or the other, it is very important that you always create a physical press kit.

Include details such as degrees earned only if they directly relate to the topic that the press kit is pitching.

How Do You Write a Bio for a Press Kit?

Do not include compliments, however nice, given by people who do not have concrete credentials in the fieldfans or family members, for example. Which qualities set you apart from other bands within your genre?

How to Write a Bio for a Press Kit

Then discuss the current project again briefly at the end. Plan to update all your bios often. Tour Dates when applicable: Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

This gives me a sense of how active the band is, how established they are, and how engaged their community is. Promotional Focus of Your Press Kit Somewhere near the top of your press kit, it should clearly state what the focus of the press kit is.

How to Create an Artist Resume Artist Business Cards Business cards brand the artist with a professional image and are effective for promotional purposes.

Have one of your best and attractive artworks on the cover and your name at the top. This is a good place to show off previous shows of importance, whether it be venues with a large capacity or sold out gigs.

Above all, your band bio must have a positive tone, be straightforward, enlightening, and filled with positive comments — and even second-party quotes — about you. One writer I work with is a former English professor. The resume should also be type written on quality paper and formatted accordingly.

Not to say that EPKs are bad, because they are still a very helpful tool for promoting your music to bloggers and other online publications. Consider adding your press kit to a page at your artist website. All the same though, make it short and sweet- no one wants to read 5 pages of your musical history.

Tips for Creating your Artist Press Kit There are various ways you can format and create your press kit. These people may receive may submissions from artists, and it is important that yours be original and stand out.

This concise description of your music and who you are as an artist or band should not exceed a couple sentences; in fact, some of the most effective band mission statements are phrases of about words.

Please visit this article for information on how to make a press release. Past Shows when applicable: Published articles Published articles can include write-ups about you in art magazines and well-known art blogs.

An interesting back story, if you have one, is a very marketable thing. Add your logo to each part of your press kit. As a rule of thumb, your short bio is just your long bio stripped of a detailed history, focusing heavily on your mission statement and current projects like recently-released music, collaborations, etc.

However, an electronic press kit does give you some additional options such as videos and website links that may be difficult though not impossible to include in a physical press kit. The press kit contains information about the artist, the artist statement, resume, awards, exhibitions, artwork samples, etc.Here are 8 things that should be in every musician’s digital press kit: 1.

Bio. It wouldn’t be a press kit without some press, so post links to a few of your best reviews and interviews. 18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money The 8 things that should be in every band's.

And your band bio is a critical component of your press kit. Your bio represents your first opportunity to spark interest in someone who will be a champion for your music. The following are some tips for writing a riveting bio that will make people want embrace you and your music.

EPK means Electronic Press Kit which is just a page for your band/project to send to booking agents, press outlets, and everyone else needed to display the information they'd need like press quality photos, a bio, member names, music samples, etc. Hope this helps! A&R Tips: The Art Of The Press Kit.

Biography: Although a bio is just that, a Biography of the band (or artist), it is still a place to get creative. An interesting back story, if you have one, is a very marketable thing.

I am a member of a band and what we use for a "press kit" is our website. We do send out an introduction letter with. Artist Bio & Press Kit, Featured, Music Business & Music Management, Music Marketing & Promotion, Social Media for Musicians artist bio, band bio, band press kit, disc makers, electronic press kits, how to write an artist bio, Michael Gallant, music bio, music journalism, press kit, press package permalink.

A press kit refers to the promotional materials that are distributed to the press to generate publicity for a person or business. One of the components of a press kit is a bio.

How to write a killer artist bio

In many cases, public relations specialists write bios and put together press kits, while some people or.

How to write a band bio for a press kit
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