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Attracting Visitors to Large Cities, London: Apart from language, other cultural aspects e.

For instance, in the areas that people use native language which is not international language such as English or French, it is reported that the use of native language decreases White, London, Transaction Publishers, p. Without tourism, these places might be developed for other uses or could even be neglected.

For example, in, people die of AIDS and this number could reach 5. This is reported that sinceforeign portfolio and direct investments that related to hospitality and tourism made into the country have increased considerably Datamonitor,contributing to economic growth of the city.

Noise, air, litter as well as visual pollution could be created. Urban tourism can also cause criminal problem. It is found that though the urban tourism of the city is growing significantly, the poverty and inequalities in the society are high ibid.

Policy, Process and Practice. The South African Experience: The economic impacts of urban tourism on Cape Town Urban tourism has led to economic impact at two levels: Not only is the structure of age and sex in the city affected by the growth of urban tourism, the occupational structure transformation Page and Hall, is also impacted.

Additionally, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution as well as visual pollution could be the result of urban tourism when there is a concentration of tourists and there is not sufficient disposal system.

The city is the capital of the Western Cape. Discussed in the paper is to understand both positive and negative impacts of urban tourism in terms of economic, socio-cultural as well as environmental that impacts Cape Town, one of the most rapidly growing cities in the Republic of South Africa.

The South African Institute of Race Relation reveals that more thanwhites have immigrated to Cape Town as well as some other skilled black African people are found Datamonitor, Inskeep also acknowledges that ecological disruption could be another result from urban tourism.

The city is expected to become a principal destination for international tourists.

The location of the city is also known as the eight most creative cities in the world ibid moreover, it is shown that not only is employment created, but social upliftment as well as transformation and economic growth are seen as the fruits of urban tourism.

The impact of tourism on urban destination is complex and is all related as exemplified by the case study of Cape Town. It is reported that sincethe population of the country has a literacy rate of And when there is more investment in the city, definitely, opportunities for service industry occurs, contributing to more employment opportunities and revenue distribution.

Besides, tourism helps enhance the environment as tourist facilities must be well-designed to replace lifeless and gloomy landscapes. Young, G Tourism: It is revealed that the number of people dying out of AIDS each year has been increasing. Urban Tourism in the Development World: This enables the city to earn substantial revenue and reduce environmental violations.

Urban tourism development since the late s has brought about an industrially based to an informational technology based Page and Hall, It is becoming one of the most crucial social and economic activities. The limitation of the number of visitors would help the city reduce socio-cultural, economical and environmental impacts.Negative socio- cultural impact of tourism in Bournemouth.

It is evident that urban tourism has a lot of visible benefits for the economy and the locals. Where it promotes exchange of culture, it also supports the local economy of the city. But, there is a negative aspect of urban tourism as well.

Negative Economic Impacts of Tourism There are many hidden costs to tourism, Urban tourism Cultural tourism 15 12 12 12 Use and application of 15 theories and concepts 12 12 12 Conclusion and Positive and Negative impacts of tourism Essay. Economic Impact of Tourism in Mexico Essay - Although the tourism industry provides countless impacts towards a community, the key and foremost is its influence it has on the community’s economic status.

The Impact of Tourism on Jamaica Essay Words | 4 Pages The Impact of Tourism on Jamaica The aim of this report is to summarise the impact of tourism on Jamaica. Impacts of Tourism Development Words | 23 Pages.

Sustainable tourism is an industry that attempts to make a low impact on the environment and local culture while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems.

The positive impacts of urban tourism help to increase in local economy of the city and also increase the living standard of the people. The numbers of job created in local area in different sectors e.g.

hotels, travel agencies, restaurant etc.

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