Low impact logging business plans

From there, he got into harvesting. For five of those years, Tom kept trying to match his harvesting head and carrier to the kind of timber in which he worked. Felling trees can be particularly dangerous.

If you can run one yourself, your employee can run the other. This can be a chance to make a killing. Once you become adept at working a chainsaw, you can help homeowners and businesses remove problem trees and limbs. Fuel costs will be expensive, so will labor.

He contracts infrequently with a logger who fells oversize timber with a chain saw, although he does not have much need for his help.

Running both machines are not practical, but it might be a necessity when you first begin. The implements can be owned and operated by a private landowner, or shared by an association of forest owners, or by an entrepreneur embarking on a responsible, commercial enterprise of "residential" forest management such a small business could provide a valuable and lucrative service that is badly needed in this county.

How to Start a Low-Impact Logging Company

It was either going to be Caterpillar or nothing. Tom, a member of the Colorado Timber Association, summed up his business philosophy in one sentence. The online newspaper for the forest products industry including loggers, sawmills, remanufacturers and secondary wood processors.

Check with the local governments to determine what all is needed. Other options for the machine includeor inch disc saws.

Consider purchasing a used one in good condition. Expand your business to include the sale of sawdust from your saw mill, if you have one. In the process, Tom got what he wanted and much more. At age 38, Tom already has accomplished a lot. Do you want reprints or a copyright license for this article?

Get a forestry degree from the University of Montana, New Brunswick or a similar school that has a strong forestry program.

When Tom first decided he wanted to own a business and be outdoors, he tried to get a post and pole permit so that he could work at building trials. Markets for timber in Colorado are quite limited, noted Tom.

Low-impact logging

Logs that are extracted from a stand using these implements may yield useful local products such as firewood, poles, or on-site milled lumber, or they may be sold as logs and transported off site. Logging firms were clear-cutting forests, albeit those that have been designated for this purpose.

Low-impact logging is an important innovation that has got the attention of media, government and the industry itself.Starting a Business; Business Plans; Getting Financing; Office Setup; Marketing & Sales; Running Your Office; If you would like to start a small one or two-man logging business, consider this approach.

Let people know that you log with horses which are a low environmental impact way of. If you love the outdoors and love doing physical work to earn your living, then cutting wood and logging may be an ideal business for you.

Having a talent for using a chainsaw is not all that's. Colorado Contractor Does Low-Impact Logging Risley Equipment Rolly II Processor Gives Rocky Mountain Logger the Versatility He Requires By Diane M.

Calabrese. Jan 12,  · Most of the logging that I am involved in in considered low impact logging, I get involved in grading roadways and sitework for waterfront custom homes including slope stabilization, utilities, storm water control and building pads for some nice custom homes and ranches.

LOGGING EQUIPMENT APPROPRIATE The devices described below are suitable for small-scale, low-impact logging in the San Juans, where parcels are small, tree growth is slow, soils are vulnerable to long-term damage, and the prominent commercial loggers are irresponsible.

(such a small business could provide a valuable and lucrative service.

How to Start a Wood Cutting & Logging Business

Low-impact logging Alternatives to ATVs and heavy machinery in harvesting timber. I can haul about 3/4 of a cord. I go down some very steep hills, and have never felt unsafe.

ATV logging is very low impact - not zero impact, but very low. I log on acres (mainly for firewood - but there is the odd black cherry). Business and.

Low impact logging business plans
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