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This allows photographers to, at a later date, manage their photos, make corrections, etc. This list counts metros separately when multiple metros in one city or metropolitan area have separate owners or operating companies. Year opened The year the metro system was opened for commercial service at metro standards.

Want to show your photos to the world? Please only upload photos that you have Metro ag, or that you have the legal right to display such as those passed down from a family member, those where you Metro ag legal possession of the original, etc.

HTML links to outside websites, page breaks, etc. The length of this wait is largely dependent on the speed of your internet connection. Each route is counted only once, regardless of how many lines pass over it, and regardless of whether it is single-track or multi-tracksingle carriageway or dual carriageway.

Furthermore, most metro systems do not share tracks with freight trains or inter-city rail services. The railroad location at which the photo was taken. Year of last expansion The last time the metro system was expanded in terms of the system length or number of stations.

The name of the system is not a criterion for inclusion or exclusion. Detailed Photo Submission Guidelines Please make sure, prior to attempting to upload photos, that you have both cookies and javascript enabled on your internet browser.

Minimum sizes are pixels in width landscape format and pixels in height portrait format.

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And in contrast to commuter rail or light rail, metro systems are primarily used for transport within a city, and have higher service frequencies and substantially higher passenger volume capacities.

System length The system length of a metro network is the sum of the lengths of all routes in the rail network in kilometers or miles.

There is a major discrepancy between the ridership figures: Questions about uploading photos, editing, or the screening process? Similarly, there are systems branded light rail that meet every criterion for being a rapid transit system.

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The photos must depict railroad-related material. Enter the rail location where this photo was taken above. We require each photographer to create an account with us. Please remove non-standard characters and symbols from filenames prior to upload.

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Some cities use metro as a brand name for a transit line with no component of rapid transit whatsoever. Save your photos with as little JPEG compression as possible while still keeping the size under 2mb. Other Locomotive if not listed: Ridership The number of unique journeys on the metro system every year.

These are listed, but the light rail lines are not counted in the provided network data. Please enter all relevant data about the photo in the fields below. Name The most common English name of the metro system and the connecting article for that system.

It is however not relevant whether the system runs on steel wheels or rubber tyresor if the power supply is from a third rail or overhead line.

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Image file size must not exceed 2 megabytes 2,kband the filename should contain only the characters A-Z and We take copyright violations very seriously! Certain transit Metro ag may match the service standards of metro systems, but reach far out of the city and are sometimes known as S-Bahnsuburban, regional or commuter rail.

While light rail systems may share roads or have level crossingsa metro system runs, almost always, on a grade-separated exclusive right-of-waywith no access for pedestrians and other traffic. Doing so would in many cases lead to a gross misrepresentation.Metro AG – niemiecki koncern handlowy, obecny w ponad 30 państwach.

Siedziba METRO mieści się w Düsseldorfie. W roku spółka osiągnęła obroty w wysokości prawie 59,9 mld euro oraz zatrudniała około tys. ludzi. The new METRO seeks dialogue with policymakers and society. We get involved. We adopt a position. We work together to find solutions. All in a way which is open, transparent and focused on dialogue.

METRO is a partner of many small and mid-sized independent companies. Their success is our focus. METRO ist eines der führenden internationalen Unternehmen im Großhandel und Food-Service-Bereich.

Als Partner, Investor und Impulsgeber für ihre Kunden beruht das Geschäft von METRO auf vier starken Säulen - dem Großhandelsgeschäft von METRO Cash & Carry, dem stark wachsenden FSD-Belieferungsgeschäft, zukunftsweisenden digitalen Services und der führenden Marke Real im.

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We simply ask that you follow these guidelines. Die Metro AG (Außenauftritt von bis als METRO GROUP) ist ein börsennotierter Konzern von Großhandels- und Konzern mit Hauptsitz in Düsseldorf beschäftigt rund Mitarbeiter.

In Deutschland betreibt das Unternehmen vor allem die Metro-Cash-&-Carry-Märkte und die vormals zur Gruppe gehörende Handelsaktivitäten im Bereich.

Metro ag
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