Pest analysis of indian railways

India has also won many awards for the success in focused research in the sections of lubricants, refining process, additives, grease formulations, biotechnology, emission studies, pipeline transportations and engine evaluations.

In India there is no policy for oil consumption despite having an energy policy.

BEST and Indian Railways

Since the year India has passed a law for every vehicle to carry out an emission test every 6 months. High sunk costs limit competition Indian Railways High sunk costs make it difficult for a competitor to enter a new market, because they have to Industry requires economies of scale Indian Railways Economies of scale help producers to lower their cost by producing the next unit of output at lower The government is very strict in a check list which Pest analysis of indian railways Is WikiWealth missing any analysis?

This was followed mostly in the European countries. Public transportation getting privatized for the reduction of cost and better efficiency, many companies such as Tata introducing Rs 1 lakh cars and enormous investment to improve the infrastructure for railways.

This has helped in creating more jobs and the income distribution has increased. Bargaining Power of Suppliers Self-sufficiency in production of rolling stock Threat of Substitutes Substantial product differentiation Indian Railways When products and services are very different, customers are less likely to find comparable product Many environmental engineers and environmental scientists are working together by the use of productive methods for the improvement of environmental effects, waste disposal and waste management.

Today many foreign companies are coming to India and this has impacted the employment rate. So the fuel price inflation and interest rate are interconnected. The refineries in India are equipped with the best technology for the refining process.

There is a significant growth in the consumption of oil every year. Firstly send us an email on support railanalysis. Limited number of substitutes Indian Railways A limited number of substitutes mean that customers cannot easily find other products or services For example when congress won the elections it came as a boost in the value of the oil companies.

If there is more employment then people buy more cars and bikes and this impacts the fuel prices. There is a also a significant rise in the disposable income which has increased the consumption of oil. Oil spills in sea is more damaging when compared to the oil spills on land.

The political party also determines the change in price.analysis of irctc 1. various analysis of indian railway catering and tourism corporation ltd kanwaljit kaur gosal regn. no. 2.

swot analysis 3. railways on the Indian economy. A broader historical and social science analysis of Indian railwaysisbeyondthescopeofthechapter. Forsuchanapproach,wedirectthereaderto Kerr(). Wemakeseveralgeneralpointsbelow. First,theGovernmentofIndiahada strong influence on railways from the beginning, but the Government’s role increased over time.

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However, the information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. PEST analysis stands for "Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis" and describes a framework of macroenvironmental factors used in environmental scanning.

It is also referred to as the STEP, STEEP, PESTEL, PESTLE or LEPEST (or Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal, Environmental). Sep 09,  · Home»»Unlabelled» PESTLE Analysis of IOCL. Thursday, 18 September many companies such as Tata introducing Rs 1 lakh cars and enormous investment to improve the infrastructure for railways.

In Indian we now use Euro-IV type petrol all over the country. Aug 25,  · 5. PEST analysis of Indian Railways 6. Market Segmentation for BEST and Indian Railways 7. 4 I’s for BEST and Indian Railways 8. 7 P’s for BEST and Indian Railways 9.

Quality Dimensions (RATER) Flower of Service- comparative study for BEST and Indian Railways Critical Incidents – CASE STUDY Complaint .

Pest analysis of indian railways
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