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On the other hand, the Japanese lost 29 aircraft, one large submarine, and five midget undersea craft. During the two waves of strikes by the Japanese, only lost a total of twenty nine aircraft. The American sank the Japanese ship, Shoho, in ten minutes, a record for war.

He stopped and grabbed me by the shirt and refused to let go. This allowed what was left of the Pacific Fleet to continue operating at Pearl Harbor and not withdraw to the United States west coast.

There were no torpedo nets protecting the Pacific Fleet anchorage. These events, left utterly unacknowledged, led up to one of the great military defeats in US history. For this reason, aircraft were left parked wingtip to wingtip on airfields, anti-aircraft guns remained unmanned, and many ammunition boxes stayed locked in storage in accordance with American peacetime regulations.

Causes of the Pearl Harbor 6. The United States suffers a huge loss compared to the minimal loss suffered on the Japanese side.

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The next day, Japanese pilots found the Americans and Lexington. Here Term papers pearl harbor the list of the most popular essay topics on Pearl Harbor: Discuss the effect of the Pearl Harbor attack on the West Coast. In the end, the US had eight battleships, three cruisers and a large number of smaller vessels sink or rendered out of use.

When a lull occurred at hours, as the first wave of Japanese aircraft retired, almost every US aircraft at the air bases was damaged or destroyed, the West Virginia was sinking and on fire, the Arizona had settled on the bottom with more than a thousand of her crew fatally trapped below.

I could hear shrapnel or fragments whistling past me. He gathered a powerful fleet of ships, which was divided into a large and small force. Highly readable narrative as individuals are caught up in the event; nonjudgmental in nature. The task force set sail and was to avoid detection by the United States Navy at all costs.

After an astounding 6 months a triumph, Japan was halted. When torpedoing planes left the vicinity, bombers carrying 1 pound bombs were sent to destroy any remaining ships.

The Triparite Pact has been concluded, and we cannot help it. American scientists had previously developed a machine, whose code name was "magic," that gave intelligence officers the ability to read top secret Japanese message traffic.

Officials in the United States tried to come to a resolve with Japan over their differences. To negotiate their differences, in NovemberTokyo selected an ambassador, Admiral Kichisaburo Nomura, who was liked and respected by both Americans and Japanese.

During the Japanese attack, this center for United States military action in the Pacific Ocean was nearly completely destroyed. At this time negotiations completely halted and United States troops were put on high alert.

Overlapping the first wave of attack at This was certainly a major downfall in the usefulness of the attack in the Pacific fleet but the attack was to go ahead, December 8th Japanese time which is December 7th the local date in Hawaii.

The planes attacked in rows of two or three, dropping torpedoes at knots from 70 feet. After a short pause, like in the eye of a hurricane, the second attacking wave reached its targets of ships and shipyard facilities at 8: They were met by a more efficient defense and thus achieved much less.

Because of this grudge held against the U. US casualties included 2 as well as over 1 wounded. Naval Institute Press, Upon receiving this message, Washington sent a commercial telegraph to Pearl Harbor because communications were down.

The conspiracy of Pearl Harbor 8.Pearl Harbor RESOURCE GUIDE Japanese-American relations, already strained, deteriorated in July when Japan declared a protectorate over French Indochina Term paper on Pearl Harbor.

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Please Click on one of the links below. Pearl Harbor Research Paper Pearl Harbor was a naval base located in Hawaii (the homeport of the Pacific Fleet). It was considered by most a wonderful “home away from home” for the men who preserved America’s interests abroad.

The Pearl Harbor Papers: Inside the Japanese Plans [Donald M. Goldstein, Katherine V. Dillon] on ultimedescente.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Pearl Harbor Papers comprises the original Japanese documents related to the attack of December /5(13). Free pearl harbor papers, essays, and research papers. World War II term papers (paper ) on The Attack on Pearl Harbor: The Attack on Pearl Harbor On December 7, one of the worst attacks ever on the United States occurred.

More than 3, people lost their lives. Term paper

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