The best way to survive high school

I started writing again and practiced piano for hours every day, both of which gave me creative outlets for my emotions. My sophomore year I probably visited my lit teacher over 10 times to go over every part of my research paper.

But with the right advice, you should be able to survive The best way to survive high school school. They destroy your body, including the most important part of your brain. My sophomore year I had to go through a lot of adjustments in a new school and new city, and when I was having a really hard time and started forgetting who I am, I turned to my two biggest passions to start becoming myself again.

This is a study group, not a gossip sesh! Heading to middle school this year? It is the place where many of us learn how to engage in coitus and earn the horrifyingly traumatic emotional scars that affect how we relate to people for decades to come.

You can succeed in high school and have a fun time without getting hit with "drama" every single week. In high school terms, this often involves sporting wagers about nerds and proms. Besides, all the legitimately interesting people are never popular.

The last thing you need is to get pressured into something you might regret for the rest of your life. So deal with it as soon as possible. While some teachers and parents might argue that academic studies are more important than social development, both are equally important.

Be nice to your teachers. So, they key is: Get super powers Naturally, the easiest way to survive high school would be to gain supernatural abilities beyond those of mortal men. My teacher gave me a percent on my research paper, which was a first in all her years of teaching sophomores.

You need to stay on top of your assignments, upcoming quizzes and tests, and other things you need to get done. School Make this your best year yet with our guide to surviving high school Freaked about making the leap from middle school to high school?

Nobody gives a crap anyway It will exhilarate your Report Story High school is tough. You have to balance and prioritize the different aspects in your life, especially if you have a lot of extracurricular coupled with rigorous academics. It will open your mind.

Tell us in the comments below! It is a strange time, full of questions, doubts, and the overwhelming urge to masturbate at the drop of a hat. Do be on time The earlier you are for classes, the more your teach will respect you and take you seriously.

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Let go of certain things to get the most important things done. All the dramatic potential involved means that our entertainment media tend to cover this ground quite a bit, and thus, they have plenty of suggestions on how to navigate the rough waters of adolescence.

You have to do this with your classes and homework, too, sometimes. You can also gain leadership opportunities, get the chance to go to competitions, volunteer, and more!

That said, if you need harder classes, make sure you get them! Parents and sibs can always provide some of the best advice and reality checks.

High School and 5 Ways on How to Survive!

Rouding yourself with funny, hardworking, intelligent friends will inspire you. Um, forget I said that. Keeping a planner or recording homework and important dates down in a phone or tablet will make sure you stay organized. Do find a study buddy Got a huge chem test?

As they say who? Save the chit chat and LOLs for when you celebrate getting an A! It can be really hard to catch up on even just one class in high school, so if you can be there, then, well, be there.

The boys will never disappear—that I can guarantee—so take your time.Feb 19,  · Best Answer: 1) Don't be persuaded by what the "cool" kids tell you.

Being yourself and not falling into peer pressure will give you a strong self image, and you'll feel better. 2) Do your assignments - don't Resolved. Read Top 10 tips to survive high school from the story Top 10 by TROLLalert (Hairylegsandyellowtoenails) with 8, reads.

movies, cool, reasons. High school i Reviews: You're not a freshman anymore, and you can expect things to be different in your sophomore year of high school, from electives to driving.

and now you're probably wondering what to expect your sophomore year in high school. It's not as nerve-wracking as your Freshman year, where everything is new. The best way to improve your. All the dramatic potential involved means that our entertainment media tend to cover this ground quite a bit, and thus, they have plenty of suggestions on how to navigate the rough waters of adolescence.

Therefore, let’s run down a quick list of ways to survive the high school experience, as illustrated by movies and television.

Aug 02,  · It may feel impossible to survive even a day of high school, let alone multiple years! However, even though it seems incredibly intimidating, there are a lot of things you can do to make your high school experience one of the best times of your life%(70).

How to Survive High School

Sep 03,  · High School and 5 Ways on How to Survive! Posted on September 3 by leilaxfm High school!


apparently the best time of your life (y) or not. whether you enjoy school or not we all have to get through it.

The best way to survive high school
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