The morality of killing zombies essay

In conclusion the human nature of killing its own specie could as well have been a former survivor instinct, as it also could be the overhuman theory of how the human should be overcome, and according to the former written theory; overcome itself.

Can such act be ever justified? For the suicidal person, we are trying to keep them safe from themselves, and for the homicidal person, we are trying to keep society safe. Letting someone who has been infected by a zombie be euthanized only serves to emphasize autonomy since the choice is completely theirs, and harm does not befall anyone else.

You can run away, or you can kill the zombie. This theory is very similar to the theory of the origin of arachnophobia, the fear of arachnids, which may be an exaggerated instinctive response that helped early humans survive.

After a person has been infected by a zombie, it does not take long for them, or their group, to realize what has to be done. Why are you looking at me like that?

The other possible reaction of an infected person is that they would understand what needs to The morality of killing zombies essay done and realize that their self-sacrifice is for the good of the group. Piling up theories and opinions only leads towards one direction; forward.

Which is why the fact that the infected person decides they would be much happier staying alive is inconsequential in the final decision since everyone else would be much more unhappy and uneasy having to always be on guard to make sure that the infected has not become a full zombie yet.

To that I would say that the Categorical Imperative only extends to rational beings and being bitten by a zombie makes you far from rational so it does not matter if they were used as a means to an end.

A good definition is that Utilitarianism suggests that an act is morally right if the action would produce the most net happiness of all of the choices available.

Not to mention that the decision to let that person alive would probably not be unanimous, which would again serve to increase the uneasiness and hostility of everyone in the group. The zombie has no ulterior motives. The infected group member rationally deciding and willing to have his life taken would be characterized as voluntary active euthanasia, which Brock argues is morally permissible in his essay on Euthanasia.

The theory of the perfect reason for a murder would be without a reason at all. With the question being whether it is ethical to euthanize someone if a zombie has bitten them, after ruminating on the definition of Utilitarianism it becomes clearer as to why killing that person is not too much of a moral quandary.

It would also break the pattern of the standard of human behavior, which could be considered a development of the human being. Having the ability to make our own decisions is one of the most intrinsically valuable things we have in our lives, and should be protected and promoted at any chance.

It completely goes against Utilitarian values to keep an infected person alive until they die and become a zombie. How the evil is supposed to be stopped if we let the one who causes it go freely and continue doing it? Mourning, goodbyes and choice of euthanasia are allowed as the situation permits we are presuming an ideal here, not under constant assault by a shuffling hoard.

The Morality of Killing

In spite of the complex maneuverings of political life, the basic reality underlying the philosophy of political groups is, "Om nom nom nom nom. We can write an even better essay for you! Now the infected person can react in one of two ways.

Voluntary active euthanasia of an infected victim would also still satisfy many of the safeguards that stop it from becoming involuntary euthanasia. Overall, the group would be much happier if the infected person was killed right away.

This means that the overhuman could be the action of a human killing another human.

The Morality of Killing Zombies Essay

If everyone knew what Hitler was going to do when he was born, it is ridiculous to think that we would have waited for him to commit his atrocities and then punished him. Some think that killing people is inconsistent with the status of human. Through media or experience we know that if someone gets bitten by a zombie, they will eventually become a zombie themself, losing any part of their personality that defined them as a unique individual.

Fresh samples, coupons, discounts and freebies are also included. Why does it require a purpose?The Morality of Killing By Brandon Webb #World Email Share Tweet mor·alˈmôrəl,ˈmär-/ adjective — “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or.

For a show that's ostensibly about zombies, The Walking Dead spends a lot of time on what it means to be human. Living a moral life is enough of a challenge without zombies around, and The Walking. The Morality of Killing Zombies. Zombies: To Kill or not to Kill Aneet Bains Philosophy Zombies are pervasive in our contemporary culture; whether they are terrorizing attractive actors in movies or television shows, or they are being meticulously detailed in comics and books, zombies seem to have invaded the popular mediums of.

Ashbrook Statesmanship Thesis Recipient of the Charles E. Parton Award 1 THE MORALITY OF KILLING IN SELF-DEFENSE: A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE Jonathan Spelman CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The Inspiration For. A Short Essay About Killing.

In this essay, the human nature of physically killing its own specie and however it’s morally right to do so, and if so; when, will be analyzed in different contexts - A Short Essay About Killing introduction.

It’s however important to show consideration and understanding to the fact that it’s also in the humans nature to not. May 10,  · By turning conservative personalities into zombies, and thus making it not only acceptable but also acceptably exciting to shoot them, “the game scripts its violence into morally excusable self-defense,” as Peter Freeman wrote recently in a thought-provoking essay on games in Crisis, the Roman Catholic journal.

The morality of killing zombies essay
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