The social economical and environmental impacts of diamond mining in africa essay

It has evolved into a more transparent and ethical industry that has far more scrutiny applied to it than ever before. This can easily lead to tension between the mine, farmers and local communities.

Illegal diamond mining still an unresolved issue in the industry and can have several negative social effects. Unless those of us in the industry stand up and speak out against those in the media who seek to vilify an industry they know little or nothing about, consumers will continue to read these messages and avoid purchasing diamonds, or will perhaps shift their purchases to lab-grown alternatives.

In sum, the diamond mining activities are a very complex industry that can involve many corporations, governments, workers, traders, and business men. In India, the diamond trading and manufacturing industry employs more than a million people.

The Positive Impact of Diamond Mining

However every industry in the world is beset with a small fringe element of people, who seek to bend the rules without a sense of consequence to their fellow man.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Hire Writer This complex industry employs thousands of people and generates profits around 8. An example of these is the pollution through an increase of the reduction and emission of green house gases, since most of the mines have machinery that operates with diesel fuel.

Diamonds were first discovered there injust a few months after the country gained its independence from Britain. The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity.

Social and Environmental Impact of Diamond Mining in Africa - Case Study Example

However, the implementation of the Kimberley Process and the global attention placed on the issue of conflict diamonds has helped to virtually eradicate the problem. These figures include both direct employment, such as miners, cutters, jewelry manufacturers, and retailers, and also many secondary market suppliers, such as security, technology, tools and equipment of all kinds, etc.

It is important to highlight that corporate social responsibility and less corrupt government were responsible for these positive changes in the country besides of the diamonds.

In addition to their 40 countries there are 33 associate members from commercial organizations. It is a dichotomy that at inception the government seem not to realise the illegal activity. The diamond mining by itself is not a sustainable activity but if geared in the right way can help the sustainability of developed and underdeveloped societies.

An example of this is the diving activity to recover diamonds from the river beds. For example, illegal smuggling, blood diamonds, negative impacts in the social, economical, and environmental theme.

A human life is something unique and irreplaceable and should always out weight the value of diamond pebbles.

Now, Botswana has state-of-the-art clinics and hospitals around the country, including in remote villages and in under-populated regions. We need true love to live by acceptable means and learn how to share.

Another example of efforts against the illegal diamond mining activity is the World Jewelry Confederation CUBIC ; this is an international confederation of national jewelry trade organizations of more than 40 countries.

For example, large arrivals of outsiders or immigrant miners not integrated into the local community or subject to its social norms can destabilize internal community power relations and this can exacerbate social tensions. The increase of inequality could increase social unrest and increase in criminality rate levels.

It was riddled with inaccuracies and poorly researched data that appeared to be written solely to cast a negative shadow on our industry. The answer is clear that both parties in specific the trading centers, buyers, and the governments of the diamond mining countries are responsible for this matter.

The enlightening of corporations and governments can have a significant role play in helping to shift the social parameters of those directly and indirectly involved with the diamond mining. What are the positive social impacts Of diamond mining in Africa?

Last, there are some diamond mining activities that are considered the most dangerous jobs because of many deaths of workers related to it. When we consider these facts is evident that there is a high level of inequality in these industry and the revenues of diamond mining and sales are not shared equally among the individuals involved in this industry.

The country serves as an example to all other countries in the world on how to utilize resource wealth for the betterment of a population. But the problem of diamonds being used to finance war and terror is now well in hand, and getting better every day. An average person could be carrying millions of dollars worth in diamonds in the pocket and walk around unnoticed.

The System of Warranties provides assurance that diamonds are from conflict free sources all the way to the diamond jewelry retailer. Millions of people have access to healthcare thanks to diamonds According to diamondfacts. The question that arises is that are the positive aspects of diamond mining a gain for the society or does it cancel out with the oases to the environment?

More, during these illegal diamond activity entire families were forced to dig in their own houses in search for diamonds. For example, relocation of communities to make way for mining operations is common. To promote the trading of diamonds from legitimate sources and to ensure that consumers can be confident in their diamond jewelry purchases, overspent, Nags and the international diamond industry have worked together to implement a certificate of origin system, known as the Kimberley Process.

Regardless of the issues presented the diamond business was and still is a very promissory industry, and if conducted accordingly will benefit the upward social development of many communities around the world.

I have personally witnessed a very different side to diamonds, and have seen firsthand how it can transform individuals, communities, and entire countries in very positive ways.

Those who can blindly call out an industry that employs millions of people for the misdeeds of a few should really do some fact checking first.Social impact of diamond mining in South Africa.

Diamond mining in South Africa has many consequences including ones on the social environment. Diamond mining in Kimberley mine, South Africa. Process of getting the kimberlite, which contains the diamonds, out of the rock wall The changes of violence were also caused by the 4.

The Social, Economical, and Environmental Impacts of Diamond Mining in Africa The social, economical, and environmental impacts of diamond mining in Africa For many people over generations the diamond has been a symbol of power, beauty, luxury, uniqueness, and everlasting pure love.

The Social, Economical, and Environmental Impacts of Diamond Mining in Africa impacts of diamond mining in Africa For many people over generations the diamond has been a symbol of power, beauty, luxury, uniqueness, and everlasting pure love. THE SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPLICATIONS OF DIAMOND MINING IN CHIADZWA Research material compiled by CRD G.R Chimonyo Senior Lecturer Africa University.

Environment. Due to inadequate planning and regulation, diamond mining has wreaked environmental havoc throughout Africa and other parts of the world.

The Social, Economic and Environmental Implications of Diamond Mining in Chiadzwa

DIAMOND MINING AND THE ENVIRONMENT FACT SHEET Impact Assessments to identify the environmental and social impacts of mines as well as to identify gaps at their operations. Generally, conducting these assessments is a legal scarce in many parts of Africa, where diamond mining companies often operate.

The social economical and environmental impacts of diamond mining in africa essay
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