Thrass handwriting analysis

Understanding phonics patterns, graphemes for phonemes, gives the learner greater confidence when experimenting with spelling and enables them without contradiction, to more quickly and accurately apply the correct grapheme spelling choicefor each phoneme in a word.

In the examples below, the graphemes gh, eigh and ere are examples of GCAs, i. How many months until your birthday? Write over the graphs in the phoneme-boxes to make the blend. Having a good visual memory of phonic and orthographic patterns, frees up cognitive space allowing for more resources to be used to integrate information when reading and writing.

Dictation, spelling thrass handwriting analysis sentence structure Dictation is essential to the spelling process. A child must be able to differentiate when to use a particular spelling of a phoneme.

Learning blends builds a knowledge of the strong orthographic patterns seen when writing consonant phonemes.

The MASUTA spelling sequence ensures that both teaching and learning time is productive and valuable for further learning. This cannot be done if the spelling teaching relies on a set of unrelated words which do not provide for the applied process of spelling, in context.

It is essential to listening skills, ordering skills, memory skills and handwriting skills. Say the word and name all the 3. To successfully apply the spelling of a word to memory the word must be meaningful to the learner.

It gives a physical reference to each phoneme in a word. They do not provide the explicit strategies and skills needed to successfully encode newly encountered words. Say the word and name all the book bull moon screw glue 4.

Learner say the phoneme, then name and overwrite the key grapheme in each word. Then they say the word and name all of the letters until they can do it with the word covered, then write the word.

Which day comes after Sunday? It is important to remember that when using the term learning styles it is not to be confused with learning content.

In the words set, seat, sat and sit there are three phonemes, two in common but the middle phoneme is different - each phoneme change, changes the meaning of the word. Say the word and name all the wrist sun dress horse city 4.

This type of work does not transcend into reading comprehension and thus the time spent working in these spelling workbooks is detrimental to both the learning process and to the school s or parent s budget.

NPS commonly occurs in words where the phoneme [ ] precedes the phonemes [ ] or [ ], such as in the words few [ ] and pure [ ].THRASS HISTORY AT OUR SCHOOL Inour staff explored THRASS and felt the implementation of this tool in our school would benefit all of our learners.

Inall staff were trained over 2 days to implement THRASS. To teach using these strategies you need to be trained. Inour new staff have been trained.

THRASS is an acronym for Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills. New teachers must be aware of the high level of use Thrass charts. Find this Pin and more on Phonics by Eleanore Pickard. We are often asked about the handwriting font we use on many of our resources. This font is the Sassoon Infant font.

Sassoon® typefaces were researched and the findings published by handwriting expert Dr.

Rosemary Sassoon. Sincea whole range of font products for reading and handwriting education in schools has been developed. The THRASS chart The pictures on the THRASS chart represent of the most common graphemes (spelling choices) Vowel line Phoneme boxes.

THRASS Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills THE THRASS INSTITUTE (Australasia & Canada)

There are 44 phoneme boxes on the THRASS chart. 26 letters of the alphabet displayed in letter boxes There are 24 consonant phoneme boxes. There are 20 vowel phoneme boxes. THRASS is an acronym for Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills. New teachers must be aware of the high level of use Thrass charts.

Find this Pin and more on Spelling by Sarah. QUICK START NOTES FOR THE THRASS-IT WINDOW SOFTWARE. Handwriting reinforces the learning of the 26 letters of the alphabet. It supplies the teacher with an on-going analysis of the learner's strengths and weaknesses.

Lively colourful pictures and one- player/two player games ensure that learning really is fun.

Thrass handwriting analysis
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