Virtual integration and ford

However, since Dell and Ford are two different type of industry, one is a computer manufacturing company and the other is an auto industry, it does not seem to right to implement exactly the same "virtual integration" that Dell is using now to Ford. Also, an automoblie is needed to have much more components approxminately 20, parts in order to be produced while a computer needs less than that of amount of components.

According to the article, "The Power of Virtual Integration: The main reason why Dell experienced such a fast growth is mainly due to the use of its direct business model. In addition to that, like Dell, Ford can boost its sales by providing better customer services and having faster communication between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers in the value chain.

By doing so, Dell could save its time and reduce cost so that Dell could have competitive cost advantages. Since the establishment of the organization inDell has grown enormously in a relative short period of time.

As an example, since the cost of automobile is much more expensive than that of computers, it is doubt that the customers will buy their cars online without test-driving, which allow them to touch and feel the car that they are going to spend several tens of thounds of dollars. It is cruical decision to make for Ford to become a competitive auto industry again by defeating its competitive competitors such as Japanese and Korean auto industries by implementing the most effective virtual integration that works best to the Ford.

Posted by sungchunlee at. By using virtual integration, Dell is able to provide excellent customer service and communicate more effectively. In colcusion, it is no doubt that Ford should make some change on its supply chain because of changing environment of supply chain due to the development of information technology.

In an another artice, " Ford Motor Company: It is predicted that Ford can expect to minimize its suppliers, elimininate middlemen, and have more flexibility in its supply chain by using virtual integration.

Based on the development of Information technology nowadays, Dell even developed more its direct model and created "virtual integration," which make work faster by blurring the traditional boundaries and roles in the value chain.While progress in this area will be integral should Ford choose to pursue “virtual integration”, it is also a stand-alone issue even if Ford does not choose to pursue the “virtual integration” approach to supply chain management.

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From Navigation to Blind Spot detection and much, much more. AIS is the first place for OEM integration! Follow. Since Dell and Ford are two different types of industries, one is in computer manufacturing and the other is in auto industry, it does not seem right for Ford to implement exactly the same "virtual integration model" as Dell.5/5(5).

Agenda Ford Motor Company’s Goals Company Background and its Supply Chain Management System Current Problems Direct Model and Virtual Integration Comparison of Ford’s Business v/s Dell’s Business Recommendations.

Integration by Parts Integration Using Tables of Integrals Numerical Integration integration by parts integration using tables of integrals numerical integration improper integrals applications of calculus to probability. The focus of Ford’s interest has been Dell’s “virtual integration” approach to supply chain management which is a way of capturing the benefits of virtual integration without actually doing so.

Virtual integration and ford
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